Local Kickstarter Promises… Holiday Potato Messages?


Really wish we had caught this one before the day, but since their Kickstarter doesn’t end until January 8th, you still might have time to send your “not-so-loved-ones” a very special and slightly nutritious holiday message before the New Year.

X Mas PotatoYes, a local University student has thought up a unique way to raise some extra spending money; by writing customized messages on grade ‘A’ potatoes and sending mailing them to a person of your choosing. Don’t take our word for it, check it out straight from the source:

‘I’ll write whatever Christmas message you want in non-toxic black sharpie on some clean Canadian Grade A potatoes and mail them to whoever you want. I only use non-toxic black markers and thoroughly clean my potatoes. I got standards after all. Why? Well my potatoes message gifts are cheaper than the time + thought + money you would have spent on a traditional gift and you can eat them.’

Can’t argue with that! Well this local “entrepreneur” has already met their $36 goal, but if you feel like sending them some bonus points for creativity, or just really want to send a potato to someone, you can visit their very detailed Kickstarter campaign HERE.

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