Interested in real estate in B.C.? You need to read this report


Are you familiar with the name Tom Gierasimczuk? You should be; for almost 2 years he was the Publisher at Vancouver Magazine and Western Living. Prior to that he worked as the Vice-President at Canadwide (the company that does BC Business and BC Living), and over the past while he’s been giving talks about how brands can turn into engaging, nimble media properties to tell their own stories as opposed to waiting for the traditional media to tell them for them. A couple of months ago Tom took on the position of VP & Chief Content Officer for a company called Resonance, which is the perfect fit for someone who has worked for years as an advocate for brands becoming publishers – that seems to be mostly what they do at this Vancouver business.

Tom’s first large project under Resonance is an insane (INSANE) 55-page-long report looking at housing in British Columbia, entitled The Future of B.C. Housing. Working in partnership with Insights West, they interviewed a couple thousand people all over our province, crunching data from their responses as well as other sources, putting it together in what is a bit like a real estate bible. It includes a ton of graphs and infographics as well as thoughts from now-celebrity real estate experts/commentators Brent Toderian, Frances Bula and Andy Yan, and delivers an enticing package that watchers of the spectator sport of real estate in B.C. have been waiting for.

It’s an honest, educated look at the market and the sentiment of Millennials, Gen-Xers and Boomers. The company calls it “required reading for real estate professionals, developers, builders and anyone interested in investing in B.C.’s perilous property market”, and I’m inclined to agree with that. Download it for free by visiting this page on Resonance’s website.

Click to download the 55 page document
Click to download the 55 page document
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