In Your 20s and Living With Your Parents? You’re Not Alone

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According to recently released Census data, more than 38 per cent of Vancouverites aged 20 to 34 live at home. And that’s OK.

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4. Meet the owner of 38 single-family properties in Vancouver

So just who is the Vancouver land baron who owns a vast swath of single-homes across the city? Chip Wilson? Nope. Jimmy Pattison? Guess again. Reporter Mike Howell will tell you who it is.

3. Sai Woo’s neon bird comes back to roost in Chinatown

Sai Woo restaurant’s neon rooster flaps its wings again over Chinatown, shedding light on the neighbourhood’s colourful history.

2. What we learned about the new hosts of The National by judging their choice of casual wear

The fashionistas behind the Courier’s Kudos & Kvetches column appraise the casual, and questionable, getups worn by the new anchors of CBC’s The National.

1. 5 priciest home sales in Vancouver July 24-30

Read with envy, despair or mild arousal: Here are the five most expensive Vancouver home sales during the last week of July.

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