Free Wifi now available at BC rest stops


What do you normally do when you’re traveling, when you pull over in a town? Grab some food, go to the restroom and check your phone, right? Well it was just announced that the government has launched free wifi at a number of rest stops inbetween those towns you travel to, and there are more on the horizon.

It’s thanks to a partnership between TELUS and ICBC, and there are currently 2 spots that carry it: Britton Creek rest stop on the Coquihalla and the Glacier View one on Highway 16 near Smithers.

By the end of 2017 it will be available at:
Britton Creek, Highway 5 – 67 kilometres south of Merritt
Glacier View, Highway 16 – 7 km north of Smithers
Taylor River, Highway 4 – 37 km west of Port Alberni
Galena Bay, Highway 23 – 49 km north of Nakusp
Mount Terry Fox, Highway 16 – 6 km east of Tete Jaune
Loon Lake, Highway 97C – 40 km east of Merritt

Learn more HERE.