PHOTOS: Cute, hand-painted dinosaurs take over Vancouver


Local photographer Robert L recently launched a super fun project; he’s been hand-painting toy dinosaurs and shooting them in the city and beyond. The result is a playful body of work that connects his childhood fascination and Vancouver in the present day.

Originally from the Maritimes, Robert was drawn to Vancouver in 1999 for its “proximity to so much natural beauty, mild winters and longer summers”.

He tells us that “Toy photography has been around for ages but rarely done so with a realistic end result in mind”. What he wanted to do was really make it look like they weren’t so much toys but actual living beings in the landscape. He achieves this by hand painting dinosaurs, as dinosaur toys off the shelf typically lack a sense of realness.

Have a look through the gallery of images below, then see more at his website and Facebook Page. He sells prints of these images as well, and one of them just might look amazing on you or your kids’ wall.

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