4 events that are guaranteed to make you LOL at Vancouver Writers Fest

Written by Vancouver Writers Fest


Dina Del Bucchia.

If you think literature isn’t funny, then prepare to be proven wrong by the Vancouver Writers Fest. This year, some of the funniest authors around are bound to make you lol in your seat—from an otter-obsessed, joke-cracking poet; to a Kids in the Hall alumni; to a beloved CBC broadcaster and hilarious comedian.

Here are the top 4 comedy-esque events to check out this year:

1. Modern Day Satire – Tuesday, October 17 at 6:00pm

Get ready for a wonderfully sardonic evening. First up is Tom Perrotta (whose writing has been adapted for HBO series and an Oscar-nominated film), taking a swipe at sexuality and parenthood in his latest novel. Next is Suzette Mayr, who turns our nostalgia for university life on its head in her whip-smart campus novel gone wrong. Satire has always made us laugh (or cringe) at our own behavior—and these authors’ books certainly do it well.

2. True Confessions and Tall Tales – Friday, October 20 at 8:30pm

A zany mix of quiz show, stand-up, music, and confessions is probably what’s in store on the Friday of the festival—but who knows? What we do know is this is a rare chance to experience high levels of female comedic talent (aka Hera Lindsay Bird, Dina Del Bucchia, Dawn Dumont, and Leanne Dunic) all in one room—so best jump on it!

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3. The Poetry Bash – Saturday, October 21 at 8:00pm

From Louis CK to Ellen DeGeneres, some of the best comedians combine sadness with humor in their bits. In similar fashion, The Poetry Bash explores both ends of the emotional spectrum, with acclaimed poets that will tickle your funny bone and widen your worldview. Prepare to laugh, cry, and just generally be moved by these all-star poets.

4. Newfoundland Jack Tales – Sunday, October 22 at 10:30am

Andy Jones is an Emmy-nominated, Gemini Award winning writer. He’s also charmed audiences since his early days touring with CODCO comedy troupe and writing for Kids in the Hall. Now’s your chance to see him live—but don’t forget to bring your kids, too. This family friendly event (no ear muffs needed here!) will transport you and your little ones with witty tales from the mystical land of Newfoundland and Laborador. Puppet show included!

For more information, visit writersfest.ca. Tickets are $15 for Under 30s. Senior and Member discounts are also available.