Turducken sandwich returns to Meat & Bread for 3 days


turducken meat bread vancouver
Turducken (Photo courtesy Meat & Bread)

For some sandwich lovers, it isn’t Christmas in Vancouver until Meat & Bread rolls out their very limited run of their acclaimed Turducken.

Hitting the sandwich shop’s Cambie and Pender locations for just three days, December 21 through 23, the Turducken is available for food fans willing to brave the likely lineups while supplies last (and at $12.50 a pop).

A traditional Turducken is a chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey. Meat & Bread actually debones the turkey and grinds the duck for even cooking and perfect moisture.

Each year Meat & Bread creates a different flavour profile for this special seasonal sandwich. For 2017, the Turducken will be carved and topped with cranberry apple mostarda, pumpkin seed crumble, and radicchio red cabbage slaw.

When the Turducken hits, the sandwich replaces M&B’s regular (and still pretty fantastic) Porchetta carved sandwich.

And we’re not kidding about the lines. Plan accordingly.

Meat & Bread is located at 370 Cambie Street and 1033 West Pender Street in Vancouver.

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