This tweet shows Canada’s spy agency really gets us in Vancouver


We’ve got a great example of “know your audience” in the world of Twitter and job postings, and it’s coming from an unlikely source: the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

CSIS is promoting an upcoming Vancouver job fair, and their Tweet about the event is an amusing meld of literary device and…sushi.

“A career at CSIS is like a jumbo eel sushi roll; taste unknown from the naked eye but pleasantly delicious once indulged,” reads the text. Naturally, there’s a photo of a delicious assortment of sushi, to illustrate.

Unfortunately, what’s pictured aren’t rolls (maki), but rather nigiri sushi–a fact that didn’t get past a few of the detectives doing a little surveillance on social media.

What seems to have struck a chord (besides the pre-lunch hunger pangs of sushi-loving Twitterers) is the romantic language of the metaphor.

“I didn’t realize Canada’s spies are such poets!” reads one reply. “Ever think about writing romance novels? ;)” jokes another.

For anyone truly interested in a career with CSIS, here’s the link to the job fair in Vancouver. It definitely doesn’t seem like there’s an opening in the social media department, though. For anyone truly interested in sushi, well…you’re pretty spoiled for choice here in Vancouver!

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