This rescue dog went from severely emaciated to adoption-ready


Meet Cedric. This brave rescue boxer has gone from being severely emaciated to on the path to adoption in the weeks since he’s been in the care of the BC SPCA.

Cedric, who was formerly known as Tank, came into the care of the BC SPCA Vancouver branch in late January. He was skin and bones, attests Branch Manager Jodi Dunlop, and had to be given 24-hour care, and is fed tablespoon by tablespoon in order for his body to properly absorb the nutrients and add on weight.

The pup was given a body condition score of one out of nine, says the BC SPCA, who noted Cedric shivered chronically in order to keep himself warm.

cedric dog boxer bcspca
Photo courtesy BC SPCA

“He’s the most emaciated dog I’ve ever seen and I’ve been doing this for 30 years – it’s shocking,” says Dunlop.

Cedric’s recovery is a slow one; he still has trouble keeping warm due to his lack of body fat. But Dunlop says his true personality is shining through, and he now wags his tail happily.

The BC SPCA are reviewing applications from prospective new owners who would like to give Cedric his forever home.

“He’s so loving and cuddly, it’s going to be hard to say ‘good-bye’ – I know I’m going to cry like a baby,” Dunlop says. “Out of all of my fosters – and I’ve fostered a lot of animals – he’s my favourite.”

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