This map shows over 2,500 places to see cherry blossoms in Metro Vancouver


Cherry blossom season is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Vancouver, but it doesn’t last forever.

Maybe your commute includes a few spectacular cherry blossom-canopied blocks, or you see them outside your office window. But if you are looking to see as many varieties and blooms as you can right now, there’s an incredibly detailed map that you will want to bookmark.

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival/Facebook

Curated and hosted by the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, their Neighbourhood Map features more than 2,689 cherry blossom tree locations. Sortable by cultivar, bloom period, and neighbourhood, you can readily locate exactly what you want and where you’ll need to go.

Screenshot/VCBF Google Map

To expand the intel of the map, the VCBF also has a webpage featuring what’s in bloom, by neighbourhood. For example, in early April you will be seeing Beni-shidare, Accolade, Somei-yoshino, Akebono, Afterglow, and Pandora cultivars of cherry blossoms. If you’ve been to David Lam Park this week, those are Afterglow that are in beautiful bloom.

There are 54 cultivars of cherry trees in Vancouver; they bloom in waves, starting in mid-March, and ending with a third wave that runs around the last 10 days of April. That’s when the VCBF’s Sakura Night Gala takes place, amidst the beautiful blooms around the Stanley Park Pavilion.