This art walk weaves through cafés, heritage homes, and secret studios

Written by Vitoria Monteiro


It is time to get ready to ROVE Vancouver! You might be thinking what is ROVE?

ROVE is what you get when you combine art, community and adventure! It’s a free self guided art walk in Mount Pleasant.

ROVE features a hand picked selection of galleries, artist studios and curated spaces for participants to explore. You can cover the whole route in one night and stop for drinks and food along the way. Support local artists and find art to hang in your home created by a talented local Vancouver-ite!

All you need to do to ROVE is….

STEP 1:     Come to Mount Pleasant on Friday, may 25th from 6pm to 10pm.

STEP 2:     Get your free map  or pick up a free map at any of the ROVE locations

STEP 3:     Follow the route to check out galleries, studios and creative spaces.

STEP 4:     Enjoy the incredible artwork and people that the Vancouver art scene has to share.

Pick up your free ROVE map at any of these locations

LOCATION 1Jay Senetchko,  Studio #224/ 336 East 1st Ave, Vancouver

Expect: Huge figurative work and a hidden studio door covered in ivy!

LOCATION 2MNSTR Gallery, 1818 Lorne Street, Vancouver

Expect: Silkscreen magic!

LOCATION 3Gene Studios, 2414 Main Street, Vancouver

Expect: Paintings, ceramics and eerie dearies!

LOCATION 4Kafka’s Coffee, 2525 Main Street, Vancouver

Expect: The show is Friends or Foes but you will only find friends here!

LOCATION 5 The James Black Gallery, 144 East 6th Avenue, Vancouver

Expect… the unexpected!


Select Murals from Mural fest dotted throughout the walk, enjoy them as you stroll!

We can’t wait to see you there! Stay connected to ROVE by finding us on Instagram, Facebook

Vancouver Is Awesome is a proud sponsor of ROVE.

ROVE is run by artist, Jamie Smith founder of THRIVE Art Studio.THRIVE is a community of local female artists who support each other on their journeys to become the artists and people they most want to be. Located at The Profile on Thurlow, THRIVE is home to THRIVE Mastermind, THRIVE Talks and the THRIVE Network.