Local area recognized as being the “Bird Capital of Canada”

Delta Optimist


Welcome to the Bird Capital of Canada.

Delta council on Monday generally supported an idea put forward by Myles Lamont, a Surrey-based biologist, to identify Boundary Bay and the lower Fraser Estuary as the Bird Capital of Canada. It’s an idea that’s already gained enthusiastic support from several organizations including the Delta Naturalists Society.

Delta council generally supported an idea to identify Boundary Bay and the lower Fraser Estuary as the Bird Capital of Canada. (Photo: FILE/Delta Optimist)

The idea, which includes road signage, a phone app and online outreach, is to increase public awareness of the significance of the Fraser River Estuary for migratory birds.

Delta staff will gather more information at how to possibly support the campaign and report back to council.

According to the Delta Naturalists, signage would help start conversations about birds for the millions of people who travel through this corridor on an annual basis, and would be an effective method of potential education. Additionally, “this project will help create a sense of pride and ownership for residents of Delta, who are fortunate to call this special place home.”

The Delta Naturalists also note that with the International Ornithological Congress being held in Vancouver this August, the project would be an excellent complement to the scientific conference.

Lamont submitted other letters of support to council including the Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust which noted, “As the Fraser River Estuary is a wetland of international significance for migratory birds, increasing public awareness will better ensure its conservation for years to come.” The trust is using the term “Bird and Raptor Capital of Canada.”

Delta staff have also invited Lamont to Delta’s next Business Sustainability Group meeting to further discuss his proposals with business and tourism stakeholders.

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