Ryan Reynolds shouts out Rio Theatre for successful funding campaign


If the campaign to save the Rio Theatre had a cast of characters, Vancouver native Ryan Reynolds would surely get top billing.

The actor has been a vocal supporter of the ongoing efforts of the historic Vancouver venue to secure funding and stave off a bid from a potential new owner that could have seen the demise of the theatre.

Ryan Reynolds
Joe Seer/Shutterstock.com

Reynolds not only urged his Twitter followers to take part in the crowdfunding campaign, but he also was a donor himself (though we ultimately don’t know how much he put in–and, frankly, it doesn’t matter all that much anyhow).

Though he didn’t come in person for the Rio’s recent Deadpool double feature screening event, Reynolds did send in a video that played during the show. The video included the sentiments that “Vancouver is fucking awesome.” Obviously, we totally agree.

This week, thanks to everyone’s collective efforts, donations, and a $375,000 grant from the City of Vancouver, the Rio Theatre was officially saved. To this, Reynolds offered the Twitter-equivalent of a standing ovation:

Though the Rio’s new official owner Corinne Lea says they are still doing fundraising to help lower the mortgage, this six-month long ordeal has been gruelling. The tenacity of Lea and The Rio’s supporters is definitely worth celebrating.

Cue those musical swells.

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