Wigs recovered by cops were not the ones for kids with cancer

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The 66 wigs recovered by police last week were not the ones destined for sick kids that were stolen from a special store.

It was first thought by Vancouver Police that the recovered wigs were part of the 150 or so – that were set to go to kids fighting cancer and other serious illnesses – that were stolen from Eva and Co in Vancouver a few weeks ago.

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Some of the hair donated for the making of the wigs was collected at fundraising events in Richmond, organized by Steveston-based Wigs for Kids BC (W4K).

W4K’s Bev Friesen told the Richmond News on Thursday that Eva and Co are remaking the wigs but “it has been difficult as over 10 kilos of ponytails were also stolen…so we are desperate for hair.”

However, Hennessey Salon, at Richmond Centre, stepped up last week to announce it’s hosting its 6th Hennessey Hair Do, benefitting the W4K program, on Sunday, Oct. 21, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A minimum donation of $40 is being asked for a cut/style. Book appointments now at 604-482-3262. The stylists at Hennessey will be donating their time with all proceeds going to W4K.

W4K is also looking for people to donate their hair (eight inches and chemically untreated).

The News told previously how, around 150 wigs – valued at $2,500 each, some of which were made from hair donated in Richmond – were stolen from Eva’s.

VPD’s Const. Jason Doucette said, “The person who located the bag of wigs immediately linked them to the media coverage about the theft and called 9-1-1.

“Although we’ve recovered a portion of the wigs, the investigation remains a priority. We would like to get the remainder of the property back and make an arrest in this case.”

The suspect was described as dark-skinned with noticeably long, black hair. He was last seen walking away from the wig store carrying a large black garbage bag and wearing a denim or blue jacket.

Anyone with information about the suspect, or the location of the rest of the stolen wigs, is asked to call VPD Property Crime investigators at 604-717-0610 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.

Friesen earlier told the News how the store targeted by the thief made wigs for W4K.

“The kids go along there to get their head sized. It’s such a shame,” she said yesterday.

“Not only is this a setback for the Wigs for Kids BC program, as we pay for these wigs, but more importantly it’s just heartbreaking for the kids who were anxiously waiting to pick up their new wigs on Monday and to proudly wear them for the start of a new school year.”

The thief, added Friesen, also made off with all of the longer ponytails, making it very difficult to make and replace the stolen ones.

Partly joking, Friesen urged people to grow their hair as fast as they can to help replace the wigs, which are made out of human hair and are sown into the wig, one hair at a time.

“People can donate, make pledges to people having their hair cut. We are hoping to host some events in October and November.

“And, by all means, contact us if you want to host your own hair-cutting event. We will help you organize it.”

Friesen said W4K is “anxious to try and replace the stolen hair as well as raising funds to help pay for the wigs.”

“Hopefully, we can turn this into a positive and continue to help BC kids live better with cancer.”

Anyone wanting to help should go online to WigsForKidsBC.com.

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