How Seth Rogen might help a Giant Pacific octopus become ‘Ceph Rogen’


What’s in a name? Well, if you’re Vancouver-born actor Seth Rogen and the name in question is that of a Giant Pacific octopus, it’s pretty important, especially when the octopus in question could soon have the moniker “Ceph Rogen.”

Photo courtesy Vancouver Aquarium

Earlier this year, the Vancouver Aquarium released a Giant Pacific octopus named Mystique back to the ocean when their biologists noticed she was exhibiting signs of being ready to mate. This launched a new ‘cephalopod-in-residence program’ at the facility, and now there’s a new octopus at the Aquarium, and the team there is turning to the public to help find it a name.

After an initial round of voting, it’s now down to two punny choices: Ceph Rogen or Octavia. The Vancouver Aquarium has put it to a poll on their Facebook page.

Of course, Mr. Rogen–most recently the voice of Vancouver’s public transit PSAs–cast his vote via Twitter:

What’s YOUR choice for this cephalopod? Get your vote in before the poll closes Friday.


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