VIDEO: Watch this mountain biker shred the famous North Shore trails

North Shore News


A new video posted by Red Bull Bike offers 100 seconds of pure North Shore mountain biking glory.

North Vancouver native Thomas Vanderham rides the trails of North Vancouver in a new Red Bull Bike video. Screenshot: Rupert Walker/Red Bull

The clip, part of the company’s Raw 100 series, features North Vancouver native Thomas Vanderham riding Seymour and Cypress trails with no other soundtrack than the chirps of the forest and the growl of wheels on dirt. Featured trails include Mount Seymour’s Incline, John Deer, and Boogie Nights, as well as 5th Horseman on Cypress.

The Raw 100 series is an all-Canadian challenge for filmmakers to put together 100 seconds of riding footage using only real-time video – no slow-motion or footage that’s been sped up – and only natural audio.

The North Vancouver video was shot by Rupert Walker, a Victoria-based filmmaker who has been part of Raw 100 since its creation and is known for producing the gnarliest videos in the series.