Fresh pleas issued for tips in cold case murder of North Shore woman

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It’s one of the lingering cold cases of the North Shore.

In the summer of 2012, Fatemah Norouzy Pooresfahany, also known as Sara Norouzy, was murdered and her body stashed in a wooded area off Curling Road, in Lower Capilano. Crime Stoppers has issued a plea for fresh tips that might point to a suspect.

Fatemah Norouzy Pooresfahany, also known as Sara Norouzy, ash she looked before her murder (left). At the right, a 3D model police produced of what they thought she may have looked like before they had made a positive ID. photos supplied

At the time the remains were found in August that year, investigators listed the deceased as a Jane Doe. They suspected she was a visitor because the garments she was wearing were by clothing brands sold mainly in Europe. IHIT cross-referenced the victim with missing persons cases in Europe but nothing came up.

Two years later, her identity was still a mystery. IHIT used forensic and anthropological analysis to create a 3D model of her face, which they released to the public in hopes someone would recognize her and come forward, allowing the first big break in a difficult case.

It wasn’t until September 2014, when her mother came to Canada in search of her daughter and a DNA match confirmed the remains were those of Norouzy that the real picture began to emerge.

Sgt. Jennifer Pound with a 3D model of a Jane Doe found in North Vancouver in 2012. Photo MIKE WAKEFIELD, NORTH SHORE NEWS

Norouzy had lived with her mother in North Vancouver for several years before the two of them returned to Iran. In late 2011, Norouzy returned to Canada on her own and largely lost contact with her family. She was homeless but known to stay in Burnaby as well as at the North Shore shelter. The 31-year-old was last seen in July 2012 but no one ever reported her missing.

“Since the official identification, police have been moving forward to find whoever is responsible for Sara’s murder,” the release from Crime Stoppers stated. “Police are especially interested in identifying friends and associates of Sara, to determine what led up to her final days.”

Anyone with information about Norouzy’s murder or her movements in the summer of 2012 is asked to contact the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team at 1-877-551-4448 or, to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Any tips delivered through Crime Stoppers that lead to an arrest and charge could result in a $2,000 reward.

“You will never be asked your name or have to appear in court,” the release stated.