Seth Rogen hits up Lee’s Donuts and Vancouver Aquarium on current visit


Actor Seth Rogen made the day sweeter for a few passers-by at the Granville Island Public Market, when he was spotted at storied stand Lee’s Donuts, along with famous chef and food personality David Chang.

The duo were spied filming at the longstanding donut spot, posing for photos with people, including Vancouver Foodie Tours and Lee’s Operations Manager Carol Kaesbauer.

“We could not be more proud to see the Lee’s team show off their #donut skills to these living legends! When David Chang rolls in, you KNOW it’s worth the while! The bliss of hot-outta-the-fryer Lee’s is none other and the WORLD is gonna know it. Whatever greatness is still to come, you all deserve every bit of honey-dipped glory!!!” wrote Vancouver Foodie Tours on Instagram.

Vancouver Foodie Tours also posted a set of images featuring their encounter with Chang and Rogen (scroll through the above Instagram post to see them all).

Also on Wednesday, Rogen paid a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium, a spot the actor holds dear from his childhood. Recently the Aquarium held a Facebook vote which determined a Giant Pacific Octopus residing there be bestowed with the punny moniker “Ceph Rogen.”

Chang, for his part, seems to be enjoying his hotel room with a view of Coal Harbour and the seaplanes taking off and landing in the inlet.

@davidchang/Instagram Stories

It’s unclear what project Rogen and Chang are working on–maybe another season of the Netflix hit Ugly Delicious, but it’s certainly a great opportunity for Vancouver’s prodigal son (and ex-voice of TransLink) Rogen to show off his beloved hometown.