Owl attack: This feathery felon in Squamish is not to be trifled with


Let this be a warning to the rest of us. This feathery felon is not to be trifled with.

A curmudgeonly owl has prompted the District to set up a warning sign just below Quest University, at the trailhead to Carpenter Son’s Bridge.

Before municipal workers put up the poster, the perpetrator — believed to be a bandit barred owl — attacked a Quest student who wanted to enjoy a routine evening run.

The bird swooped behind fourth year student Kysa Johnson and grabbed her head, then flew back at her two more times.

Other students have also said they’ve been accosted by the bird.

Experts say the animal could’ve either mistook Johnson’s head for prey, been protecting its territory or could’ve been getting prepared for the upcoming mating season.

The grumpy owl, however, wasn’t the only one to get signage put up in its honour.

The District put up a notice near the Estuary following a recent sighting of a mother bear and her two yearlings.

“This is an important reminder that not all bears are hibernating,” said a District alert.

“It is critical that this family remains wild and does not gain access to non-natural food.”