Vancouver ranks among the best cities to find love in the world


best cities to find love
Vancouver Canada,May 2017.romantic couple with sunset backgrounds on the beach / Shutterstock

A recent study conducted by Movinga, a moving company based out of Germany, has determined the best cities to find love across the world.

And while Vancouver scored in the top 50, it didn’t place near the top. In fact, it didn’t even make the top ten or 20 cities, placing 29th in the world at large.

The list was compiled by determining a global list of “100 in-demand cities.” From there, the company analyzed their demographics, which they split by marital status and age. What’s more, they, “took special care in determining if a city allows the LGBT+ community to freely express their love, because a location can only be deemed good for love if it allows every person equal opportunities in amore.”

Miami took the top spot with London coming in second, and Gothenburg, Sweden placed third. Following this, Paris placed fourth with New York City in fifth.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia placed in the 100th spot, with Tehran, Iran in 99th, and Lagos, Nigeria in 98th.

Best Cities to Find Love

“Millions of people every year migrate for work and education opportunities, but one of the last things on their mind while making that decision is whether they will find love – it’s assumed that sooner or later love will find you. While it’s true that you can find love anywhere, in this day and age of data and information, there are some locations where you are statistically more or less likely to find love.” comments Finn Age Hänsel, Managing Director at Movinga.

A company called InterNations helped Movinga determine how easily an Expat would find opportunities in love. In other words, they helped determine the ranking based on the resident’s, “openness to date individuals from other cultures and availability of events to meet new people.”

In addition, they conducted a poll of 6,000, asking them to rate how they easily they found love in their city. They also asked online dating experts, too.

They also researched how much dating was in each city, as an overly dates can be major downside. Last, they determined how “sex positive” they feel a city was.

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