The sea otters at the Vancouver Aquarium are playing with pink hearts (Video)


sea otters
@vanaqua / Twitter

The Vancouver Aquarium released an exceptionally cute video of sea otters making snowballs the other day, and they have just released another video for Valentine’s Day.

The video shows a group of the charming mammals rolling around in the snow playing with a variety of pink-hued hearts. There is a large cut-out heart in the background that reads, “I love you like no otter.”

Much like how they were playing with the snowballs, the furry pals pick up the hearts and hold them while lying on their backs. Of course, they don’t sit still while holding them – they squirm and wiggle gleefully.

As one of the only animals that uses tools, otters utilize their paws for a range of activities. Not only do they use their paws to eat their meals, but they also use them to hold paws with their buddies (otherwise known as rafting).

Sea otters and more

Watching a video of these beguiling critters may entertain you, but there’s nothing like seeing them up-close-and-personal.

The Vancouver Aquarium welcomes guests to its aquatic wonderland for a spectacular  Valentine’s Day-themed After Hours on Thursday, February 14. Since the evening is for adults only, the aquarium has a scintillating after-dark itinerary that includes special programs on a range of racy topics.

Family Day fun, fins and feathers runs at the Vancouver Aquarium from Saturday, Feb 16 to Monday, Feb 18. However, the Aquarium is offering free admission for the first time to children under 12 on Monday.