The world’s most beautiful duck has learned to pose for admirers at Burnaby Lake

Burnaby Now


When the rare Mandarin duck was last featured in Burnaby Now, it was moving in and around Deer Lake – working bird enthusiasts and photographers into a lather.

But this duck – referred to by some as the “world’s most beautiful duck – was photographed on Sunday back at Burnaby Lake.

And this sexy duck wasn’t shy with photographer Zaheen Rhemtulla.

mandarin duck burnaby lake
The Mandarin duck hopped up on a log to be photographed on Sunday. Photo by Zaheen Rhemtulla

“My mom was out at Burnaby Lake Park today and she captured a photo of two Mandarin ducks (brightly coloured one is the male and the grey one is the female in the back,” said Alyana Lalani, Rhemtulla’s daughter.

“The male duck actually jumped on to the log to pose for a picture. These birds are native to East Asia and no one is really sure how they got here. They are beautiful to look at though. My mom thought it would be really cool to share these photos with the Burnaby NOW.”