Exclusive new tea drink debuts at Starbucks in Canada


Even if coffee isn’t your thing, Starbucks hates to leave anyone thirsty, which is why the multinational chain has been focused on expanding their beverage lineup in recent years. Now Canadians can smugly sip a new tea latte exclusive to our market: the Teavana Black Sesame Tea Latte.

black sesame tea latte starbucks canada
Photo courtesy Starbucks Canada

The new tea, milk, and flavouring bev hits Starbucks Canada Tuesday, March 5, and the drink marks the first addition to the Teavana tea latte line-up that debuted in Canada last year, promising a “hug in a cup.”

Starbucks says the drink “packs global appeal” thanks to its use of a black sesame sauce paired with steamed milk (or non-dairy milk) and black tea. The flavour, says the coffee chain, was “inspired by black sesame ice cream and halva,” – two trendy global flavours and iterations of sesame fused here as one boost to a tea drink. They finish the drink with a black sesame praline on top, made of black sesame seeds and caramel bits.

Curious? For those who want to shake up their ‘bux routine, it’s on the menu now in Canada only.

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