Family spotted goose-stepping through Metro Vancouver

Richmond News


This family of geese were spotted waddling along Granville Avenue, near No. 3 Road, on Thursday. Photo: Myriah Hayward

Don’t be too concerned if you see families of geese and ducks waddling across Metro Vancouver roads at this time of year.

The parents and their new flock are often spotted in odd places in the spring, as they migrate from their nesting places to safer homes.

Unfortunately, given that the young goslings and ducklings aren’t yet ready to take flight, the only way to transport the family is by webbed foot.

Richmond resident Myriah Hayward spotted one such family of geese making its way along Granville Avenue, close to No. 3 Road, on Thursday.

The geese were “weaving back and forth…every time they get to the side, they weave back towards the middle of the road…so far, everyone slowing or stopping. Hopefully they all make it,” posted Hayward on Facebook.