Another sad spring for Vancouver crows Canuck and Cassiar as chicks die

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For the second season in a row, Canuck the crow’s — Vancouver’s unofficial winged ambassador — and his girlfriend Cassiar’s chicks have tragically died.

Condolence messages were flowing on the Canuck and I Facebook page Tuesday morning, after Canuck’s human best friend Shawn Bergman shared the sad news.

Canuck hunting for food for his babies. Photo by Shawn Bergman/Canuck and I

“With all of the amazing moments in Canuck’s life that I am incredibly honoured to be able to share with all of you; I sometimes have the responsibility to deliver bad news as well. This sadly is one of those times,” he wrote.

Bergman explained that there was an attack on Canuck and Cassiar’s nest from an airborne predator last Thursday, May 2.

“The attack happened going into the evening and over the next couple of days it became evident that the attack indeed was fatal to the little ones in the nest,” he wrote on Facebook.

“With the end result being Canuck and Cassiar abandoning the nest and flying off to the Rookery on Saturday night for the first time since eggs were first in the nest.”

He said Canuck and Cassiar were safe and both appeared to be uninjured.

Canuck and Cassiar’s little ones hatched on April 24, and the proud parents were kept busy with feeding, nest sitting and protecting their babies. With Bergman posting regular updates of Canuck hunting for food.

Bergman said he would be posting further details on what transpired soon.

Last year, Bergman was devastated over the crows losing their chicks, posting on Facebook that it had been an “emotional rollercoaster.”

“It is my sad duty to inform all of you that Canuck and Cassiar’s babies did not survive this year,” he wrote in 2018.

“To be blunt, I’m devastated. The parents are doing okay but are visibly sad. I’m not a crow expert, but I now know what it looks and sounds like when a crow cries.”

This week’s post has already received more than 1,400 comments and 228 shares from sad Vancouverites.

“The circle of life can be so heart breaking, especially after last year. So sorry to hear,” wrote Suzanne Martell.

Patti Saunders wrote, “I know it’s ‘nature’ and these things happen, but I feel very bad for Canuck and Cassier (and Shawn) for yet another tragic spring for their wee ones.”

Pam Messerli also expressed her sadness, writing: “Glad they’re ok. Poor birds, all they want is a family and that seems be such a struggle for them.”

“I know it’s just the way of nature but it’s still heartbreaking,” she wrote.

“Let’s hope next time everything goes well for them.”

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