Two-bedroom apartments in Vancouver cost a whopping $3,000, report finds


Two-bedroom apartments
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While it might not come as a surprise that rents are high in Vancouver, the average cost of  a two-bedroom apartment just might. has released its National Rent Rankings report for May 2019, and Vancouver has some of the least affordable figures. In fact, the city has the highest rent for two-bedroom accommodation in the country, with an average cost of $2,915. Furthermore, Vancouver was ranked the fourth most expensive city to rent in across the country, with one-bedrooms costing an average of $1,828.

Toronto was ranked the most expensive city to rent in, with a whopping one-bedroom rental average of $2,242; a two-bedroom costs an average of $2,731. Following Toronto, Etobicoke, Ontario, came in second, followed by another Ontarian city, Richmond Hill, in third. Actually, Vancouver was the only city outside of Ontario that ranked in Canada’s top ten most expensive rentals.

Two-bedroom apartments
Two-bedroom apartments

According to the study, only 7% of apartment listings in Vancouver have three bedrooms; in Manitoba, nearly 23% of rental apartment listings have three bedrooms.