A chicken went ‘free range’ in East Vancouver and it was poultry in motion


Why did the chicken cross the road? Sometimes it’s merely to get to the other side, and sometimes it’s to give the internet something to crow about.

Apparently there was a chicken on the loose in East Vancouver, spotted by a Reddit user on the 1800 block of east 11th Avenue, which is between Commercial Drive and Victoria.

“Anyone missing a chicken?” reads the Reddit post that, thankfully, comes with a photo of the “free range” bird.

Photo via Reddit

Naturally, this is an egg-cellent opportunity for some wisecracks. Here are a few:

  • “I often see posts from people looking for big black cock, but never anyone who’s found it!”
  • “Paw patrols [sic] mayor must be visiting. Hey ready for some antics.”
  • “Someone’s having chicken for dinner.”
  • “Rumour has it someone at nearby KFC is still waiting for their order.”
  • “Do you . . . do you think it crossed the road?”

Now, first of all, as it was soon pointed out, a good rooster pun is always appreciated, but this is a lady bird, indeed, so no need to get cocky.

Some very good points were raised, to be fair. Was this little clucker destined for the dinner table? The chicken was spotted a pretty significant walking distance from the nearest KFC over on Broadway at Prince Albert – a chain not exactly known for their locally-sourced birds. And while the Downlow Chicken Shack is also somewhat close, it would require quite a few perilous street crossing to get to the other side – the other side of Broadway, that is, as well as all the blocks to where the hot chicken spot is at the corner of The Drive and Prior – a live chicken is a little too locally sourced.

So how did the chicken come to be on the sidewalk on East 11th?

Fowl play isn’t likely to be suspected. Maybe the chicken was feeling a little peckish, and flew the coop – literally.

Maybe we’re just winging it here and feeling a little plucky, but it seems like the best explanation is that someone’s yard bird went on the lam. Hopefully this gal can get the cluck back home soon…before fry day!

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