Watch this driver travel in the wrong direction straight into oncoming traffic (VIDEO)


wrong lane
Photo: sharpoLIVE / Reddit

Earlier this week, a reckless driver was captured on dashcam footage speeding down the wrong lane on the Lions Gate Bridge.

Now, another reckless driver was recorded driving in the wrong direction in Surrey, who nearly collided into the car recording the footage.

The video was posted on Reddit by sharpoLIVE on July 30 who sarcastically captioned, “Amazing drivers out on the roads today.” According to the dashcam, the footage was captured on July 30 at 6:39 p.m.

The car with the dashcam can be seen travelling east on 24 Ave in South Surrey. Before they start crossing Croydon, however, a car can be seen travelling in the same lane toward them. It isn’t until the driver starts crossing the intersection at Croydon that they notice the other vehicle and abruptly switch lanes.

Warning: This video contains graphic language that may offend some viewers. 

Amazing drivers out on the roads today from r/vancouver

A number of commenters note that licences ought to be revoked in these types of situations, while others allege that they’ve seen this type of behaviour numerous times. In addition, some people comment that dashcams are a necessity in enforcing the rules of the road.

A survey conducted in 2017 found that 70% of British Columbians agreed with the idea of offering a discount to drivers who have a dash cam installed in their vehicle.