Vancouver weather: 2019 fall forecast for the Lower Mainland released


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Photo: fall in Vancouver / Shutterstock

Enjoying the warm the weather?

The long-term Metro Vancouver weather forecast calls for above average temperatures to continue into the fall season.

Back in April, Environment Canada told Vancouver Is Awesome that the Lower Mainland would likely see above average temperatures in late spring and into summer. Further, it noted that the summer season would likely be warmer overall.

The Metro Vancouver region had a warmer than average June this year and saw more typical June weather in July. However, the summer is still expected to be warmer than average overall.

“Temperatures were tracking about a degree-and-a-half warmer from July 11 to Aug.11,” reports Doug Lundquist, Meteorologist, Environment Canada. “Even with some cooler periods, we’ve seen above-average temperatures.”

Lundquist notes that these above-average temperatures are expected to continue into the autumn season. He adds that Environment Canada begins their fall calculations on Sept. 1, rather than Sept. 21. As such, the entire months of September, October and November will factor into the fall calculation.

Environment Canada’s meteorologists select from three categories when predicting an upcoming season: above average, near average, and below average. So, while fall is expected to see above-average temperatures, it is uncertain exactly how much warmer the season will be. Further, meteorologists can’t advise on levels of precipitation, but they can advise on when to expect wetter weather patterns to begin.

Lundquist notes that the weather gradually gets wetter on the coast as fall goes on, which is typical of the season.