Watch this stunning footage taken around the Stanley Park seawall (VIDEO)


Stanley Park seawall
Photo: Vancouver Park Board / Twitter

While many Vancouverites didn’t feel that their city deserved the ‘friendliest city in the world’ accolade, most will concede that it is beautiful.

From soaring mountains to sandy beaches to lush forests, the Lower Mainland offers an abundance of natural beauty. As such, footage from the region offers a feast for the eyes, whether it’s shot on land or in the water.

The Vancouver Park Board shared a one minute video to its Twitter account on Aug. 19 to showcase the beauty of the Stanley Park seawall. The video shows a cyclist’s perspective as they wind their way around the seawall, encountering other cyclists, rollerbladers, pedestrians, and the changing scenery.

The post’s caption notes that the area is truly ‘a jewel in the city,’ and that the 9.4 km bike path around the park is the original part of the seawall.