Vancouver photographer shares adorable otter snaps that will melt your heart (PHOTOS)


vancouver otter photos
Photos: kaptainlars / Instagram

Otters are showstoppers in the Lower Mainland.

Whether you catch the impossibly adorable critters swimming in the open ocean or enjoying a relaxing float on their backs at the Vancouver Aquarium, these furry marine mammals are beloved by locals and visitors alike. However, there’s nothing like spotting the sea-faring cuties in their natural habitat.

Vancouver Is Awesome spoke to Larry Robertson, local photographer and outdoors enthusiast, who recently shared a collection of incredible photographs he took of the creatures as they enjoyed a morning frolic.

“On Monday morning about 7 a.m. – usually you find them around dawn or dusk – they were near 22nd street on Ambleside seawall,” describes Robertson. “”You can see them anywhere from 14th to Dindarave pier.”

Robertson notes that there were two youngsters with their mom when he took the photos, but he sometimes sees groups of up to seven or nine. He shot the photos on a Nikon D7200 with a 200-500mm telephoto, which he brings with him almost all the time.

Along with his ‘otterific’ snaps, Robertson photographs birds, beavers and minks. Or, as he remarks, “Whatever nature shows me.”

Most of his photos are taken in Stanley Park, which he visits nearly every weekend.

“I think people should make the most of our proximity to nature…its great for your mental health – and free.”

Vancouver Otter Photos 

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