This lucky B.C. pup was found after spending three weeks in the wild

Colin Dacre - Castanet


Photo by Angie Palfrey via Princeton BC & Area Issues/Facebook

A lost dog has been reunited with its family after spending three weeks in the wild in and around Princeton, B.C.

Mordy, a four-year-old Labradoodle from Abbotsford, went missing Aug. 26 when he escaped from a Princeton yard while visiting family.

Owner Angie Palfrey and her family made several trips to Princeton over the past three weeks to search for the dog. Multiple sightings of Mordy lit up community Facebook groups during the time.

Surrey-based Pet Searchers Canada were even called in, using bloodhounds and equipment to search for Mordy, but to no avail.

The saga came to an end Sunday, when Mordy was found and captured in Princeton on the KVR trail near Cormack Marsh, according to Palfrey on Facebook in “Princeton BC & Area Issues”

“We still cannot get over the seemingly limitless love the community of Princeton, B.C. has shown us,” she said.

Palfrey thanked the community for all the help in searching for Mordy.

“Whether it’s been through keeping a look-out from your window, or posting your words of hope and encouragement on FB, allowing us to set-up traps and camp-out on your property so we can try to catch him, or taking an extra long drive home from work to see if you can see him,” she said in her post.

Community members also left gates open for them, put posters up, took their own dogs out to help look for Mordy and ran out of the house to search whenever he was spotted.

“You were the eyes, ears, hands, feet, minds and hearts for me and my family when we couldn’t be there. There are no adequate words to sufficiently thank you all,” Palfrey continued. “Please know we love you. We are so grateful for you. We would not have him home now without you.”