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Check out these incredible photos of B.C. wildlife

Ken Starnes of Kelowna snapped this series of stunning photos during a recent trip to northern B.C.
Photo: Ken Starnes

It's no question that B.C. is packed full of both talented photographers and abundant wildlife.

Occasionally, those two intersect in such a way that "wow," is the only reasonable reaction. 

Ken Starnes of Kelowna recently sent Glacier Media a series of stunning photos from a trip he and his wife took in northern B.C. that shows the province's wildlife at its best. 

One of the photos shows a bear in the river fishing for a salmon. Even though professional photographers can wait hours, days and even weeks for a shot like that, Starnes says, "I just got lucky." 

The photo was taken near Stewart, B.C. and even though Starnes says he's not a professional photographer -"I'm 78, it's my hobby," he said - he feels like he nailed that photograph.

"You gotta be ready, an opportunity comes and then it's gone."

Starnes says he and his wife are looking around for an RV right now for their next adventure, adding,"we'd like to take another tour around the province." He says he loves getting out looking for adventures and great pictures.

The key to taking a great photo, according to Starnes, is always being ready and having the right gear. "I use a mirrorless camera and a 24-105mm lens because you don't have time to be changing lenses all the time," he advised. 


2_2767Photo by Ken Starnes.
8_2767Photo by Ken Starnes.
7_2767Photo by Ken Starnes.


6_2767Photo by Ken Starnes.


5_2767Photo by Ken Starnes.


4_2767Photo by Ken Starnes.


3_2767Photo by Ken Starnes.


9._2767Photo by Ken Starnes.

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