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Someone abandoned these chicks in New Westminster

Two baby chicks were left in a diaper box at a vacant petting farm
Two chicks were abandoned in Queen’s Park on Aug. 21. New Westminster Animal Services photo

“Please, do not abandon pets.”

That’s the message from New Westminster Animal Services, which posted on its Facebook page about two chicks that were abandoned in Queen’s Park on Aug. 21.

“We are looking for information about these two chicks who were abandoned at the vacant petting farm in Queen’s Park on August 21,” read the post. “A Huggies diaper box was found nearby with chicken feed and water inside. Thankfully a kind person found them and placed them back inside the box until Animal Services Officer Amy arrived.”

If you have information about these birds, people are encouraged to phone animal services at 604-519-2008.

“Please do not abandon pets. Contact your local municipal animal shelter, the BC SPCA, a rescue organization, etc. Thank you to all who are offering them a place to live. Right now, we are focused on trying to find out where they came from. There is a 96-hour stray hold period we must abide by. Keep an eye on our page to see if they become available for adoption.”

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