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Watch over 20 adorable goslings waddle across this Stanley Park road (VIDEO)

When the cars are away the goslings will play.
An adorable group of Canada geese cross the road. Photo: @Lucyincanada / Twitter

A couple of videos on social media shows some Canada geese crossing a road in Stanley Park with over 20 goslings. 

Shared on Twitter by @Lucyincanada on May 12, the second video shows the goslings and their mothers feeding on the grass by the side of a road. In the first video, the geese their goslings are shown crossing the road. 

The first video has been like 133 times since it was first posted this morning.

Lucy adds in her post that there was no traffic in Stanley Park this morning. However, she teases that there was still plenty of traffic on the road due to the geese. 

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