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This hungry black bear roamed an urban Metro Vancouver park in search of food (VIDEO)

An eyewitness sent in his video footage of a hungry black bear roaming an urban park in Burnaby in search of food, forcing the park to be evacuated.

There’s been a lot of talk recently about bears in Metro Vancouver parks.

An aggressive bear was killed on Burnaby Mountain on June 25. But that was on a mountain filled with forested area.

Today, we had a black bear wandering through an urban area that forced people to be evacuated from a Burnaby park.

Witness Kevin Yau sent Burnaby NOW video footage of the bear wandering through the park next to Edmonds Community Centre. He said the centre staff were yelling at people to evacuate the park as the bear roamed around before lumbering off searching for food.

This is just another sign of how hungry bears are and how far they will travel to find food. Don’t give them a reason by leaving your garbage out. This attracts bears.

The last thing we need is another bear shot and killed by Conservation Officer staff.

We’ve already had at least 19 bears put down by COs in the local region.