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This massive "doggie mansion" is filled with adorable pooches (VIDEO)

The "Wandering Paws - Two Huskies and Three Rescues" are a popular pack on Facebook, and it isn't hard to see why.

 Photo: Wandering Paws - Two Huskies and Three Rescues / Photo: Wandering Paws – Two Huskies and Three Rescues / Facebook

Canine aficionados, rejoice!

The "Wandering Paws - Two Huskies and Three Rescues" are a popular pack on Facebook, and it isn't hard to see why.

Not only are the canines adorable, but their people have even created a magnificent doggie "mansion" for them in the small town of Jade, B.C.

With nearly 4,500 followers on the pack's Facebook page, posters regularly comment on the picture perfect pooches.

Vancouver Is Awesome spoke with Kylee Ryan, 24, who explained why she decided to adopt and co-parent the furry family with her boyfriend Josh.

"My first two dogs were from a reputable breeder. We lost one husky unexpectedly really young and decided to choose the route of adopting for the next dog," explains Ryan.

"Our other husky needed a companion so we visited a shelter in the yukon four hours away. Instead of liking one dog, we liked two of them and they had a great bond in the shelter. They met our husky and that was that."

Ryan says that everything was going well for a year with their three dogs when she found out that the husky's brother needed a home. Finally, the fifth dog was abandoned in the Yukon as puppy and they adopted him.

"I chose to adopt because so many dogs in the Yukon need homes and it breaks my heart," Ryan laments.

Rollo is a heeler/pitbull mix, mama is the black lab, and is Bilbo the little one; Blu and bandit are the black-and-white huskies with the dazzling blue eyes.

Ryan remarks that they found the adoption process very easy as they have a large fenced yard on a huge property and that the town that they live in doesn't have a dog limit.

 Photo: Kylee Ryan / Photo: Kylee Ryan / Facebook

She says that her and Josh were first inspired to build the dog houses for the huskies. Since the dogs have so much energy and need constant exercise, the structures provide ample room for them to play. In addition, she notes that her boyfriend, Josh, goes "overboard when it comes to the dogs."

"He had so much fun building the dog houses!" she laughs.

"It also keeps our dogs safe from predators as we live in a very remote area. We live in Jade City, B.C. in a town of 20 people and like 25 dogs. We are one hour south of the B.C./Yukon border."

Ryan adds that all five dogs are indoor pets, but that they use the kennel for play time. She notes, however, that the huskies would prefer to stay outside all day.

The dogs also have a dog treehouse and a dog walk extending from the treehouse that goes to a taller platform in the trees. Ryan posted a video to their Facebook of the dog "mansion," which shows the playful pups making their way through it.

Find out more information about the playful pack here.