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First there was Dogtown Vancouver….

Then there was the East Van Cats.

To have your cat featured please send at least two photos of him or her to our East Van Cats photographer / crazy cat lady, Nikki Reimer, at along with the following information:






Other info:

Then there was the East Van Cats. Now there is Van City Kitty! Yup, we want YOUR cat photos and stories!

To start things off, may we introduce Dump Truck?

Sent to us by VIA reader Ryan Theobald, from Landyachtz Longboards.

Name: Dump Truck

Breed:True East Van alley cat.

Hood: Strathcona

Habits: Nearly 2 years ago Dump Truck showed up thin and nameless at the Landyachtz factory near Strathcona park. She has made it her permanent home and now hangs out in the retail store. Her responsibilities at the factory include but are not limited to; eating, sleeping, being cute, getting kitty massages and regularly contributing to her own blog , The Landyachtz Scratching Post. She has become a fixture at the shop and loves visitors so come on down and say hey.