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Missing: Have you seen a brown hen wandering the streets of Vancouver?

"Her name is Laura Roslin but she doesn’t respond because she is a chicken."
Have you seen this missing chicken? @lisachrist20 / Instagram

Have you seen a brown chicken trying to cross the road in the Riley Park neighbourhood?

Jokes aside, a Vancouverite has put up posters on the streets in a bid to find their missing chicken named Laura Roslin—after a fictional character in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series.

The poster was shared to Instagram by Vancouver broadcaster Lisa Christiansen, who asked the community to "please help" find the hen.

According to the poster, Laura was last seen March 3 and lives near Ontario and East 21st Avenue. The poster states that while the chicken is named, “she doesn’t respond because she is a chicken,” but she is “sweet and easy to pick up.”

Mostly, Laura just wants some fresh bugs and the owner apologizes if she has dug up some gardens in the area.


A post shared by Lisa Christiansen (@lisachrist20) on

The poster states that “this is not a joke." It also says that Laura’s sister is missing her and “needs her.”

“We have heard all the chicken jokes,” the poster states.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Laura Roslin is asked to contact 778-829-1541. Anyone who finds and returns the hen will be rewarded with fresh eggs.

V.I.A has been unable to verify whether Laura has been found yet.