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Van City Kitty: Meet Kristy

A new kitty once a week! Click here to find out how your cat can appear on Van City Kitty .

A new kitty once a week! Click here to find out how your cat can appear on Van City Kitty.

Here are the deets on Kristy, a clever kitty who wrote her own introduction while munching on goodies and sipping on her milk:

Breed/Colouring: Domestic Short Hair, Black and white (I don't discriminate).

Hood: Coquitlam

Habits: I absolutely love to lounge on various hot air vents throughout my house that very conveniently make sure my fur is spread throughout the air. As each member of the household wakes up from slumber, I request that taxes be paid in kitty treat currency, if they do not, I meow and follow them all over the house until they pay up. I also thoroughly enjoy people- and car-watching out the front window and get extremely annoyed when the blinds are down. I love my scratch post as it smells of catnip and is near where my meals are served. Lastly, I am a clean freak so at any given moment, I am licking my glorious and full body.

Hangouts: As an indoor cat, I am safe from the ravages of the rain, cold, and bloodthirsty coyotes; therefore, my main hangout is my house, where I am normally found wherever my owners are. I do not like being alone and I get especially jealous when my owners have guests over. Nevertheless, I make sure the attention remains on me as I roll over on the Persian rug, which makes everyone melt and make funny noises. I am also frequently on the balcony with my leash as my owners are paranoid I will escape or be eaten up. It is all right, when the sun is shining, I get to work on my tan.

Name: Kristy

Other info: I was kindly adopted from the Coquitlam SPCA about four years ago. I believe I am about 6 years old, but, boy, am I aging oh so gracefully or what?! Well, I am the Queen after all...

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