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This is how the Vancouver Aquarium’s penguins are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic

With the Aquarium closed to the public, the penguins are free to explore the facility's empty hallways and visit some of their neighbours
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With the Vancouver Aquarium closed to the public while the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, some of its residents are taking advantage of the aquarium’s empty hallways.

Namely, the penguins. 

On March 25, the Aquarium posted an adorable video to its social media accounts that features a group of curious African Penguins obviously enamored by the sight of a few swimming sea lions. 

“One silver lining of the closure is that some of our animals and their dedicated care staff are getting extra time to explore our galleries together,” explained the Aquarium in the post.

“We've really missed exploring our oceans with you and are continuing to look for ways to stay connected during this unprecedented period.”



The Vancouver Aquarium’s post follows in the footsteps of the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, which shared footage of its penguins “on a field trip” earlier this month. 


The adventure continues! 🐧🐧 This morning, Edward and Annie explored the rotunda. They are a bonded pair of rockhopper penguins, which means they are together for nesting season. Every spring is nesting season for the penguins here at Shedd, and this year is no different! Next week, penguins, including Edward and Annie, will begin to build their nests. You’re invited to digitally join us for the nesting coverage! In the meantime, we will share a variety of animal activities, and yes, Wellington will return! While right now is strange to us, it’s a normal day for the penguins and other animals at Shedd. Our caregivers are constantly providing new activities, experiences, food and more to allow the animals to express natural behaviors. Let us what penguin activities you want to see! 👇

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When the Vancouver Aquarium’s penguins aren’t out exploring, animal-lovers can check in on the birds through the Aquarium’s live cams. In the unlikely event you get tired of watching them waddle about, the non-profit facility also has livestreams of its jellyfish and sea otters available for viewing.