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B.C. woman captures video of fox and deer playing together in her backyard

It's like a moment right out of a classic Disney movie...
Screenshot via Jackie Tate

In a moment worthy of a classic Disney film, a video shows a deer and fox playing together near Sheridan Lake.

In the video, posted to a Facebook group for the inter-lakes area north of Kamloops, Jackie Tate captures the playful moment as it played out on July 4.

The video starts out with the deer investigating some tall grass where the fox is and the fox leaping out and hiding behind the lone tree nearby. Both animals peek around the side of the tree a few times, before the fox speeds off and the deer follows.

Then they get into a stare down.

The fox bounds back and forth a couple of times, trying to entice the deer, and then dashes back a bit further, only to stop and stare again, with the deer cautiously keeping up.

The scene ends when the fox is spooked by something and a dog starts barking.

"I'm so glad to see so many people enjoying this as much as I did this morning. It was definitely a rare chance to enjoy the beautiful nature that Sheridan Lake has to offer," Tate writes in the comments.

To watch, click here.

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