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Watch this adorable litter of B.C. wolf pups emerge from a den (VIDEO)

"A rare glimpse of the wolves at a den reminds us that, at times, there are many mouths to feed." 
Photo: @wildsafebc / Twitter

A video has captured a pair of B.C. wolves with a litter of tiny pups in the forest.

The video starts two wolves striding into view with a caption that reads, "Wolves are usually shy, reclusive creatures that avoid human contact." 

From there, it notes that the carnivores typically hunt from dusk till dawn but are able to hunt well during the daytime, too. Next, it notes that their diet consists primarily of deer, moose, and elk, but that they will also hunt smaller animals such as hares, mice - and even coyotes. 

In the following clip, a mother wolf is seen walking away from a litter of small, dark-coloured pups. The video reads that, "A rare glimpse of the wolves at a den reminds us that, at times, there are many mouths to feed." 

Wildsafe BC shared the video on Twitter on Feb. 5, captioning that, "Wolves are usually elusive but when they become habitualized to humans they can present a real danger - especially to your dogs which they view as both competition and food."

While the pups may look impossibly cute and small, they will grow up to be fierce, opportunistic carnivores. Wildsafe BC notes that they are very territorial animals and will defend against incursion by other wolves. In addition, wolves will also attack off-leash dogs as they often see them as competition and a potential food source.

Wildsafe BC adds that wolves rarely attack humans. However, attacks on dogs are quite common. As a result, it is important to keep your dog on a leash if you venture in wolf-country,  "to ensure that your dog does not wander and become a threat or food source for wolves nearby."

As the largest of the North American canines, it is estimated that there are 8,500 wolves in B.C. alone. 

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