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Cougars scrape past Talismen to reach city final

Killarney, Eric Hamber advance to boys volleyball city championship

Spin classes good for when it's rainy

Last Saturday, I woke up to the sound of pouring rain against my window. I lay in bed a few minutes longer, smug in the knowledge that I was getting a break from riding in the rain today.

St. George's Saints, Magee Lions advanced to second round

Kitsilano and Saint George's duked it out Tuesday in the opening round of the AAA senior boys soccer zone tournament, drawing even after 90 minutes and another 15 minutes of overtime.

Explore bike routes for new views

Earlier this summer, I spent two months working in the far southeast corner of the city. This turned my regular 25-minute commute to downtown over the Burrard Bridge into a 15-kilometre, hour-long ride right across Vancouver.

Riding in rain... and cold and ice

Winter must-haves include fenders, lights

Choosing your ideal commuter bike

Looking around the bike room where I work, one thing that always strikes me is the variety of bikes used for commuting.

My money's on squash

The Olympic-seal of approval is enough to turn any sport from a backyard commodity to an international conglomerate. Induction into an Olympic Games means national support, it means growth, it means money.
Ultimate warriors embrace their angry monkey

Ultimate warriors embrace their angry monkey

To nurture their culture of success and rise to reign as one of the best ultimate teams on the planet, Furious George pursued a demonic work ethic, developed a jingoistic dislike for a cross-border opponent and turned to a younger generation to carry

Jock and Jill: Will there be good news for Connaught Park?

CONNAUGHT NEWS Connaught Park is getting the renovation it needs to be among the city's premier, Grade A playing fields.

Special Olympics athletes recognized for competitive focus

Special Olympics host Canada Summer Games at UBC in 2014