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Pecha Kucha Night Presents the Green Giveaway

Tickets to Pecha Kucha Night , drinks at Chambar , a water saving kit and music from Christopher Smith ! Bob has written lots on Pecha Kucha ( and even presented! ) before.

Tickets to Pecha Kucha Night, drinks at Chambar, a water saving kit and music from Christopher Smith! Bob has written lots on Pecha Kucha (and even presented!) before. It's one of those events I have heard nothing but good things about and always wanted to attend but haven't yet - usually because it sells out. If you're not in the loop, it's pronounced PEH-CHA KOO-CHA, and the very special green-themed edition on Wednesday, June 23 "will feature 13 local instigators that are on stage with 20 slides x 20 seconds to deliver inspiration and insight on the broad topic of sustainability and Vancouver's ambition to be the greenest city by 2020." Tickets are $10 so if you are keen to go, it may be a good idea to purchase them now because the inspiring line-up - including Ken Lum, the artist behind that incredible East Van Cross and Ernesto Gomez, founder of Nuba - is likely to ensure a sell-out event. Christopher Smith's debut album, The Beckon Call. Vancouver is Awesome has three sets of this fabulous giveaway to ... giveaway. (Which means that your odds are good. Better than normal, anyway.) Each winner receives two tickets to the event on Thursday, June 23 as well as a $20 coupon courtesy of Chambar, two water saving kits and two copies of Christopher Smith's The Beckon Call! I could definitely use a water-saving kit. Personally, I feel like I am really conscious about and aware of recycling. I rinse (regardless of how foul and moldy the contents may be) jars and containers for the blue box and cringe when I see recyclable containers in the garbage. I will admit that I (more than occasionally) do indulge in two showers a day, which is totally unnecessary and undoubtedly wasteful. To enter, please leave a comment below detailing one good and one not-so-good thing you do in relation to the environment. Enter as many times as you like. Contest closes on Monday, June 21 at 5:00 pm. Winners will be picked at random and contacted via email for confirmation. Good luck!