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10 fall date ideas in Metro Vancouver that are perfect for the season

While there are a number of things to do with a loved one the whole year round, there are a number of fall date ideas that are truly special.

While there are a number of things to do with a loved one the whole year round, there are a number of fall date ideas that are truly special.

Whether you want to enjoy some time with someone new, or simply enjoy some time with your significant other, these ideas are the perfect way to enjoy a fall date.

Fall Date Ideas

Friday Night Lights

 Photo: kayaker at night / ShutterstockPhoto: kayaker at night / Shutterstock

There is nothing more romantic than a breathtaking kayak tour under the moonlight. While kayaking on a sunny day is lovely, kayaking in the darkness provides a positively magical experience. As the stars reflect in the inky dark waters, you'll feel spellbound by the magnetic pull of the ocean.

The tour is roughly two-and-a-half hours long, and an experienced guide will take you up the Indian arm. If you're lucky, you might even get to spot some of the magical bio-luminescence that appears!

Fall Foliage Exploring

 Photo: Fall foliage VancouverPhoto: Fall foliage Vancouver

There are a multitude of places to hunt for fall foliage in Metro Vancouver, and each of them provides a kaleidoscope of warm, vibrant colours to gaze upon. While summertime in Vancouver is ideal time for visiting the beach, Vancouver's parks are breathtaking during the fall. You can visit one of Vancouver's famous parks, or simply stroll down a tree-lined street to soak in the autumnal offerings. Bon appetit!

Pumpkin Patch

While some people consider pumpkin patches a family affair, they can actually make a really adorable date! For one, the pumpkin patches of today offer far more than pumpkins:  you can enjoy food, drink, mazes, markets, and so much more at these attractions. What's more, the date offering a fun second part, where you and your sweetie can enjoy carving the pumpkins together.

Autumnal Hike

 Photo: Leaves falling on ground / ShutterstockPhoto: Leaves falling on ground / Shutterstock

Of course, hikes can take place nearly all year around in the Lower Mainland; however, some of them are not available during the winter season as they become dangerous. Moreover, you may simply not want to embark on a hike when it is really cold outside. With that being said, fall is the perfect time to take that special someone hiking. Not only will you be privy to an abundance of beautiful foliage, but you'll also get to enjoy the crisp weather.

Haunted Houses

 Photo: Jennifer C. / FlickrPhoto: Jennifer C. / Flickr

It may not seem completely romantic, but it is definitely fun and perfect during the Halloween season. What's more, if you are super brave, you may impress you date! Also, these types of places tend to invoke a great deal of laughter, which always breaks the ice (if this is the first date.) Alternatively, if you've been with someone for a long time, this is the perfect way to mix things up. Happy shrieking!

Corn Maze


You can take a lovely, relaxing afternoon, or enjoy a terrifying romp through the scariest one in Canada. Once again, this isn't the most romantic date idea, but it certainly the most thrilling. Haunted houses are scary, but this excursion may scare you to the depths of your soul. What's more, the Maan's Farm Haunted Corn Maze offers “five acres of pure terror." Obviously, this idea isn't for the faint of heart; however, there are a few corn mazes to choose from in the Lower Mainland, and the rest offer relaxed fun.

Attend Oktoberfest

 Photo by Jonathan Norton courtesy Bells and WhistlesPhoto by Jonathan Norton courtesy Bells and Whistles

You don't have to fly to Duitsland to savour some scrumptious Oktoberfest offerings. In fact, Vancouver holds a litany of the events throughout the end of September and October. You can enjoy an array of scrumptious foods with your date while sipping on some craft beer (which will make you much less nervous.)

Visit Fright Nights

 Photo: PNE/Playland / FacebookPhoto: PNE/Playland / Facebook

During the summer the PNE is the perfect place to bring your date for an evening. Come fall, Fight Nights offers a super fun alternative to a boring date night. Not only will you have the chance to enjoy over 20 stomach-dropping rides, but you will also get the chance to catch gripping live shows, and eight haunted houses. There's a great deal of entertainment, but you can also enjoy a plethora of mouth-watering foods and yummy treats.

Fall Festival

 Photo: PumpkinFestPhoto: PumpkinFest

A fall festival is the perfect way to spend a relaxing date with your date. Some of them offer wide selection of food to enjoy, but others showcase a number of local vendors that are selling their unique merchandise. For example, Fall for Local will offer over 85 vendors displaying their work, but it will also host food trucks and even some workshops for people wanting to learn a little bit more about crafts and design.

Haunted Ghost Walk

 Photo: Fort Langley Grave Tales / FacebookPhoto: Fort Langley Grave Tales / Facebook

You’ll join expert storytellers for a two or three hour program that includes an assortment of spine-chilling stories that are sure to make you tremble in fear! If you've never been out to the Fort Langley village it will provide plenty of spookiness for your haunted date. The tour runs until October 30th, and the late night version is only for adults.