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Fan meets 'superhero' on Vancouver film set (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Several actors were spotted in the city.
Vancouver, BC residents shared photos of The Flash stars filming in October 2021. A fan shared a photo with Jordan Fisher who plays Bart Allen on the show.

Locals are sharing photos and videos from the set of a popular CW TV show that has been filming in Vancouver.

Now in its eighth season, The Flash is about a superhero who assumes his awesome powers after being struck by lightning. explains how the protagonist "Barry Allen wakes up from his coma to discover he's been given the power of super speed, becoming the next Flash, fighting crime in Central City."

A resident notification letter from production company Water Tower Production Services Inc. states that filming was slated to take place on Wednesday (Oct. 20) on the 1200 block of Bidwell Street.

There were several "no stopping zones" as well as a couple of traffic closures during filming. A small crew returned Thursday morning to take away "cable and set decorations."

Twitter user Michelle Cambers shared a video of the crew filming on Wednesday that shows a large crane and several tents on set. 

A star-struck Vancouverite also excitedly tweeted that they "got to meet [Jordan Fisher]!"

The American actor plays "Bart Allen aka Impulse" on the popular show.

Another local, Ryan Sullivan, writes that he saw "The Flash running past me" in a tweet, too. 

Earlier this month, the cast and crew of The Flash filmed a mini-crossover event entitled "Armageddon" that is slated to commence on Nov. 16 this year, according to DigitalSpy. The special event will see past heroes and villains from the Arrowverse appear in five episodes. 

See videos and photos that fans recorded of several actors in downtown Vancouver