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Halloween movies that were actually filmed in Vancouver

Did you manage to uncover your eyes long enough to recognize Vancouver in these scary movies?
Take a look at this list of Halloween thrillers, slashers, and horror movies filmed in Vancouver, B.C., if you're brave enough.

The list of movies and TV shows filmed around Vancouver is a long one.

Film sets and actors are so commonplace in the city that there is even a free Hollywood North exhibit with Superman's suit. Some Vancouverites may even recognize certain iconic Vancouver landmarks in films and shows.

As for Halloween thrillers, slashers, and horror movies, there are plenty filmed around Metro Vancouver that slide Surrey, Langley, Maple Ridge and other locations in the region, but this list is all about what was shot in the city of Vancouver itself.

Scary Movie

This lighthearted Halloween slasher movie parody filmed some of its scenes at the Vancouver Technical Secondary School (the same filming location seen in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Air Bud, Batwoman and many more). 

Halloween: Resurrection 

Those watching this classic Halloween movie may spot the 2400 Court Motel at 2400 Kingsway during the movie's motel scenes. The real store MacGillycuddy's at 4881 Mackenzie St was transformed into fictional store The Richest Rags in the movie. 

Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan

Back in 1989 this movie's producers had a limited budget of around $5 million, so they decided to film most of it here in order to stretch that out. In the flick, Jason Vorhees took the SkyTrain, where he proceeded to wreak havoc. 

Freddy vs Jason

Several scenes from this movie were filmed in Vancouver's Kerrisdale neighbourhood, including Lori's house at 3258 W 36th Ave, Blake's house at 2170 W 35th Ave, Mark's house at 1615 McBride St, and other scenes at Kerrisdale Elementary School.

Final Destination 

Four movies of the Final Destination movie series filmed in Vancouver. In the first movie it was Tod's house at 1312 Balfour Ave, Alex's house at 4688 Connaught Dr, and Kerrisdale Elementary School.

The second movie involved a scene filmed at the Plaza of Nations (760 Pacific Blvd) in False Creek.

The third movie filmed scenes at Vancouver College at 5400 Cartier St and at Playland.

The fifth Final Destination movie filmed the bridge collapse scene at Lions Gate Bridge, transformed The Fish Shack at 1026 Granville St into Le Cafe Miro 81, filmed gymnastic practice scenes at the Thunderbird Winter Sports Centre at UBC, and turned Alexander Gastown at 91 Powell Street into Ming Yun Spa. 

It (1990)

The TV mini series included many Vancouver filming locations:

  • Young Beverly Marsh's house at 417 Heatley Ave
  • Bridge and creek scenes at Pipeline Road and Ravine Trail
  • Adult Ben's loft at 505 Railway St
  • Beverly's Chicago apartment exterior at 411 Dunsmuir St
  • Eddie's house in Great Neck at 2328 SW Marine Rd
  • Penn Station at Pacific Central Station - 1150 Station St
  • Mike's house at 1171 Keefer St
  • Derry Community Library interior at The Cambrian Hall - 215 E 17th Ave
  • Admiral Seymour Elementary at 1130 Keefer St

The Cabin in The Woods

This horror movie was filmed mainly in the woods (which are actually the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park) but Dana's apartment is located in Vancouver at 2605 West 5th Avenue. 

The Changeling

Those watching this movie may catch a glimpse of Vancouver's Orpheum Theatre and Hotel Europe (43 Powell Street) in some scenes.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Two UBC buildings make an appearance in this movie: the D Block of the Buchanan Building and the MacMillan Building which are both at the Robson Square campus. 

Jennifer's Body

The teen horror cult classic used the gymnasium and building exterior of Norma Rose Point School (the former University Hill Secondary School) on Vancouver's University Endowment Lands as Devil's Kettle High School, remodelled the gym and locker rooms at Vancouver Technical Secondary for filming, and filmed scenes of the band at a hotel at The Sutton Place Hotel in downtown Vancouver. 


The 2001 slasher film has only one filming location in Vancouver at a Spanish Colonial Revival-style mansion named Rio Vista at 2170 SW Marine Dr. This location has seen many other films and shows, including Fifty Shades of Grey, Charmed, iZombie, and Supernatural

The Butterfly Effect 

This well-known movie filmed in Vancouver's downtown and Gastown neighbourhoods, plus around UBC's Vancouver and Robson Square campuses:

  • Bar scene at Blarney Stone Pub - 216 Carrall St
  • Movie theatre scenes at Granville Cineplex Odeon
  • Several scenes at UBC's Robson Square Campus:
    • The "want a granola bar?" scene at Koerner Plaza 
    • Lecture hall scenes in Room 100 of the Geography Building
    • University campus scenes around the campus
  • UBC Vancouver campus filming locations:
    • Martha Piper Plaza as University path
    • Former building as University Quad
    • Chemistry building as Sorority exterior
    • Walter C. Koerner Library as University plaza
    • UBC Rose Garden for Kayleigh's wedding

With a file from Bob Kronbauer