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Locals share snaps from massive film set on Vancouver waterfront (PHOTOS)

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Locals are sharing images of a film set located on the Vancouver Heliport on Sept. 23, 201. It could be Batwoman or The Mother starring Jennifer Lopez. 

Locals are sharing images of a massive film set located on the Vancouver Harbour Heliport. 

While it isn't clear what show is filming on the waterfront on Thursday (Sept. 23), a couple of locals have suggested that it could either be the CW's Batwoman show or possibly the new Netflix thriller, The Mother, starring Jennifer Lopez. 

The pop icon plays an assassin who comes out of hiding to protect her daughter that she gave up while she was on the run from dangerous men, according to Variety.

Actors from The Mother rehearsed in Vancouver's Victory Square earlier this week, as well as on some major city streets and in an EasyPark parkade.

Batwoman routinely films in the Metro Vancouver region and many of the scenes call for high-action stunts and driving as well as plenty of atmospheric smoke.

Canadagraphs also commented that "Batwoman doing driving scenes" the night these images were snapped.