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Smile, it's Museum Selfie Day in Vancouver (and around the world)

January 17 is the annual Museum Selfie Day, and it's being observed all over Metro Vancouver, too.

If you're a smartphone-toting art lover with an Instagram account, any day is a good day to take a selfie in a museum. But January 17 is an "official" Museum Selfie Day, and it's being well-observed in Metro Vancouver.

The premise is pretty simple: Post a selfie taken in a museum. The delightful by-product is supporting arts and culture, of course.

The whole global social event is in its fifth year, and was started by the founder of the Culture Themes blog. Museum Selfie Day is meant to be simple fun--not a day to rant about museum policies (like "no pictures allowed") or hours of operation. And, hey, you don't even have to share a photo you took today.

The timing happens to be fortuitous this year, since in the news is the Google Arts & Culture app that lets (some) users upload a selfie to be matched with a doppleganger from art around the world. Sadly, the app only offers that feature in the U.S. (and not in states like Illinois or Texas, where photo recognition laws forbid it), which means Canadian users haven't been able to take part in that fun.

But we can still take part in #museumselfieday today! In B.C., several museums have shared their selfies, and are encouraging guests to do the same.

Take a look: